Juventus United Nike Arsenal United Nike released 2013/14 season away cheap football shirts

Juventus United Nike released 2013/14 season away football shirts

Last season’s Serie A champions Juventus United Nike released 2013/14 season away cheap football shirts. This shirt reflects the team and its home city of Turin’s emotional connection, with the team’s glorious tradition.

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The design of the football shirts sale was in 1983-84, Juventus won the European Cup Winners Cup that glorious season was enabled. Cuffs and collar with a black and white stripes, into the modern style at the same time reflect the traditional colors of Juventus.

This shirt combines the modern POLO shirt style, design details, the application of the black and white edge, in the neck can be found in the team logo shield with the team set up the year – 1897 words. Contrast with the yellow blouse of the blue shorts, while the socks with a yellow.

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Juventus in the new Away football shirts appearance with the earlier release of the Arsenal away this week, football shirts are so similar, Nike in these football shirts to re-introduce the classic POLO collar, similar to Manchester United’s home football shirts style . Overall, this shirt is very elegant and has a taste, and accompanied by Pirlo full of male charm beard, and perhaps even more difficult to resist the female fans.

As Nike recently released all the football shirts uk products in general, Juventus’s new football shirts also uses Nike’s Dri-FIT technology. The football shirts is only 150 grams, 23% lighter than in the past, this shirt also increased the structural strength of 20%, but also improve the stretchability. Similarly, this football shirts is also made of 13 plastic water bottles of environmentally friendly materials.

Arsenal unveils 2013/14 season away football shirts

Arsenal recently united Nike released their 2013/14 season away clothing, this new arias football shirts yellow body let people recalled the 03/04 season that branch near invincible Arsenal.

Wenger’s young guys put on Nike this new shirt must be particularly handsome, the classic blue-collar with yellow trim, the collar has three yellow buttons, cuffs also meet the blue-yellow color, blue Nike trademark, Arsenal The traditional shield team logo and the UAE sponsor’s pattern is arranged on the yellow base of the football shirts body.

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As far back as 1969, Arsenal first used yellow as the main color of football shirts, this North London club also in the most recent 08/09 and 10/11 season with this color design football shirts, and they also tried some other Color, such as last year looked particularly low-key purple shirt. This shirt reminds people of Vieira and Bergkamp, leading Arsenal’s great age.

Arsenal in this season may have a small championship opportunity, in view of this summer, Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea have replaced their head coach, in the turbulence and run-in period. Arsenal’s first away game of the season will be at Craven Cottage against Fulham.

“The appearance of this football shirts looks great, the combination of yellow and blue is almost synonymous with the tradition of Arsenal’s victory, I can not wait to wear this shirt into the game,” said winger Theo Walcott.

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The new Away cheap football shirts uk with blue shorts, blue and yellow socks reflect the Arsenal’s tradition. Arsenal is the first team to put on the socks competition in the British League, in Herbert Chapman coaching in 1930.

The label on the back of the shirt says Arsenal’s team, Victoria Concordia Crescit, translates Latin into English as ‘Victory comes through harmony.’ There are rumors that Arsenal will not release a new home football shirts, Last season’s design, this is to save the fans a lot of money.

AC Milan released the new season away cheap football shirts Nike released the England national team home football shirts

AC Milan released the new season of New football shirts

Italian giants AC Milan Adidas recently released the club’s 13/14 season away cheap football shirts, still with elegant white as the main body, with gold / red / black as the details of embellishment. We do not need to make too much introduction to the history of AC Milan, you know, this team has witnessed the development of European football almost every glorious moment. In the new season, AC Milan’s players will wear this white-based shirt appeared in the European War rivals on the pitch. Earlier we introduced AC Milan will use the new season the second away football shirts, it is a completely gold as the main body of the shirt, a symbol of the club for the desire for honor, and this away there is also a gold shirt presence, in the There are three long golden Adidas stripes on the sleeves. AC Milan, this shirt also reflects the club’s traditional red and black color, is applied to the shirt collar and cuffs, jerseys on both sides of the classic AC Milan team logo and Adidas LOGO. AC Milan’s achievements are not just a club’s achievements, but also a proud achievement of the country, the Italian national flag in the neck of the shirt, into a very interesting design details. AC Milan this football shirts with ClimaCool fabric, its purpose is to make the player’s body is always maintained at a comfortable temperature level, the sweat and moisture quickly discharged.

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AC Milan has a long and glorious history, this shirt may be in the team’s museum to win a place, we look forward to AC Milan players wearing this shirt to challenge the dominance of Juventus.

Nike released the England national team football shirts

Nike has just released their contract with England after the first set of national team football shirts designed, which is three lions since 1983, wearing the first not designed by Umbro football shirts, this new home football shirts The appearance is very traditional and simple, it will be May 29 at Wembley Stadium in England and Ireland for the first time in the friendly debut. This shirt gives us the first impression is that with the last century 70’s West Germany national football team wearing the feeling of the uniform, we all know that when the German on the pitch how good, but like to wear like They do not mean to play on the pitch with them the same level. In the back of the football shirts, is a clean and simple design, perhaps it is also consistent with Hodgson’s tactical style. Arsenal’s midfielder Jack Wilshere posted a picture on Twitter that a schoolboys from his alma mater wore England uniforms, which was the debut of the football shirts. The Nike design concept highlighted that “it’s a part of the England Of the football shirts “, not just those who are eligible to play on behalf of the national team of young men to wear it. Wilshire went to a church school in Hitchin Hertfordshire and watched a pupil’s football training class, picked a lucky little player Jason Kelly put on the shirt. “Here is my dream on behalf of the England national team began, and today I returned here to see a new generation of children with the same passion running on the court, this is not only the great England, but also the great football” Wilshire said. “Jason’s performance on the pitch today impressed me, so I put the shirt to him, he showed you what is on the court the most important thing – from the age of nine until you boarded the international stage , Take seriously every game “I hope this will not bring too much pressure to Jason.

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A clean and unique design of the England national team football shirts sale returned to the most traditional white and dark blue with, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the FA. The new football shirts chest still has a symbol of the three lions blue wave of the team logo to dark golden border surrounded by a symbol of the top of the Venus in 1966 the England national team won the World Cup in the golden ribbon on the bottom of the ” 150 years “and the separation of 1863 and 2013 symbolizes the establishment of the FA Memorial.

Adidas for Mourinho’s young men to build Chelsea new away cheap football shirts

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Chelsea United Adidas released 2013/14 new season away shirt, Mourinho re-seat the London team, adidas for the Blues next season’s away game design a beautiful new shirt.

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White is the main color of this new cheap football shirts, which is the sixth time Chelsea use this color scheme, since the 60s of last century, red and blue lines dotted on the white body is the club football shirts logo design, This may be released this summer so far the most beautiful of a shirt.

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White is the main color of this new football shirts, which is the sixth time Chelsea use this color scheme, since the 60s of last century, red and blue lines dotted on the white body is the club football shirts logo design, This may be released this summer so far the most beautiful of a shirt.

Liverpool released the second season away cheap football shirts

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Liverpool to meet the arrival of the new season, and the United States Warrior Sports cooperation released the new season using the second away football shirts, showing the bright colors and their confidence in the new season football shirts.

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Not long ago, we showed Liverpool a new season away football shirts uk, and now Warrior and Liverpool once again to show us this new element of innovative elements of the new shirt.

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Liverpool this new second road football shirts sale with an unprecedented new design, combined with black / purple / white color, the shirt on the “Rise Up” symbolizes the team under the leadership of Brendan Rogers in the new season, the impact of the Premier League top four Of the Champions League seat ambitions.

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The new season Liverpool look forward to prove themselves, Steven Gerrard and Daniel Agger and other players are ready to wear this new uniforms on the track.
This new Liverpool football shirts with WarTech fabric, keep the player’s body cool and dry, has a good ventilation and air permeability, this shirt is also a good highlight of the Liverpool LOGO.
This new cheap football shirts also designed the size of adults and children, but also for the fans prepared a long-sleeved version.