Juventus United Nike Arsenal United Nike released 2013/14 season away cheap football shirts

Juventus United Nike released 2013/14 season away football shirts

Last season’s Serie A champions Juventus United Nike released 2013/14 season away cheap football shirts. This shirt reflects the team and its home city of Turin’s emotional connection, with the team’s glorious tradition.

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The design of the football shirts sale was in 1983-84, Juventus won the European Cup Winners Cup that glorious season was enabled. Cuffs and collar with a black and white stripes, into the modern style at the same time reflect the traditional colors of Juventus.

This shirt combines the modern POLO shirt style, design details, the application of the black and white edge, in the neck can be found in the team logo shield with the team set up the year – 1897 words. Contrast with the yellow blouse of the blue shorts, while the socks with a yellow.

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Juventus in the new Away football shirts appearance with the earlier release of the Arsenal away this week, football shirts are so similar, Nike in these football shirts to re-introduce the classic POLO collar, similar to Manchester United’s home football shirts style . Overall, this shirt is very elegant and has a taste, and accompanied by Pirlo full of male charm beard, and perhaps even more difficult to resist the female fans.

As Nike recently released all the football shirts uk products in general, Juventus’s new football shirts also uses Nike’s Dri-FIT technology. The football shirts is only 150 grams, 23% lighter than in the past, this shirt also increased the structural strength of 20%, but also improve the stretchability. Similarly, this football shirts is also made of 13 plastic water bottles of environmentally friendly materials.

Arsenal unveils 2013/14 season away football shirts

Arsenal recently united Nike released their 2013/14 season away clothing, this new arias football shirts yellow body let people recalled the 03/04 season that branch near invincible Arsenal.

Wenger’s young guys put on Nike this new shirt must be particularly handsome, the classic blue-collar with yellow trim, the collar has three yellow buttons, cuffs also meet the blue-yellow color, blue Nike trademark, Arsenal The traditional shield team logo and the UAE sponsor’s pattern is arranged on the yellow base of the football shirts body.

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As far back as 1969, Arsenal first used yellow as the main color of football shirts, this North London club also in the most recent 08/09 and 10/11 season with this color design football shirts, and they also tried some other Color, such as last year looked particularly low-key purple shirt. This shirt reminds people of Vieira and Bergkamp, leading Arsenal’s great age.

Arsenal in this season may have a small championship opportunity, in view of this summer, Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea have replaced their head coach, in the turbulence and run-in period. Arsenal’s first away game of the season will be at Craven Cottage against Fulham.

“The appearance of this football shirts looks great, the combination of yellow and blue is almost synonymous with the tradition of Arsenal’s victory, I can not wait to wear this shirt into the game,” said winger Theo Walcott.

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The new Away cheap football shirts uk with blue shorts, blue and yellow socks reflect the Arsenal’s tradition. Arsenal is the first team to put on the socks competition in the British League, in Herbert Chapman coaching in 1930.

The label on the back of the shirt says Arsenal’s team, Victoria Concordia Crescit, translates Latin into English as ‘Victory comes through harmony.’ There are rumors that Arsenal will not release a new home football shirts, Last season’s design, this is to save the fans a lot of money.